尊敬的RBR用户: 您好! 衷心感谢您一直以来对RBR的支持和信赖! 我们非常荣幸地宣布RBR China(青岛亚必锐海洋仪器设备有限公司)青岛办公室从即日起开始正式运营。自1973年以来,RBR(加拿大)一直致力于高精度海洋仪器的研发生产。为了进一步支持中国市场不断增长的客户需求以及合作项目,2018年RBR(中国)作为外商独资企业正式在青岛注册。经过一系列前期筹备工作,RBR(中国)于2019年7月1日正式直接面向中国客户,竭诚为您提供高水平销售服务与技术支持。通过直接销售与代理合作相结合的销售模式,RBR(中国)力争为各个地区各个市场的客户提供最佳用户体验。从设备采购到仪器部署再到日常维护,我们承诺为所有RBR生产的仪器设备和软件产品提供全面的服务支持。RBR(中国)将一如既往地积极与高校及政府机构合作、组织仪器培训及研讨会、开展示范项目、分享国内外先进应用案例,为中国用户的海洋研究及应用提供更坚实的支持。 恭祝商祺,RBR(中国) 电话: +86 532 80999695邮箱: info@rbr.cn地址:山东省青岛市崂山区香港东路195号3号楼3层312室

RBR array collects fine-scale measurements in the strongly stratified centimeters-thick boundary layer under seasonal lake ice

Researchers from Germany, Russia and Finland deployed 12 RBRsolo³ T temperature loggers into an ice-covered lake in northern Finland to study heat transfer at the ice-water interface. The fine-scale measurements they collected are helping them to identify the role of turbulence in the boundary layer. The 2018 study, “Turbulent mixing and heat fluxes under lake ice: the role of seiche … Read More

Wave data and modeling inform harbour planning in southern Nova Scotia

The small fishing harbour of Lower Sandy Point, near the southern tip of Nova Scotia, was modified to reduce the agitating effects of swell. Breakwaters were added, nearly enclosing the harbour. The resulting structure – approximately in the shape of two backward Ls with an opening between their bases – successfully reduced the swell, and, several times each year, in … Read More

RBR supports more CTD and sensor OEM customers with libRBR toolbox

February 7, 2019 – Ottawa, ON, Canada The new libRBR toolbox enables efficient system integration for our many OEM customers. It is a C library designed for deployment on the OEM controller, providing a level of abstraction by wrapping each instrument command in a function with fully typed arguments. The library handles the intricacies of waking the instrument, response parsing, … Read More

CROW and Collecting Wintertime Data in the Arctic Ocean

“This year we were working at minus 35 and we realized, that’s where just about everything starts to work badly. We had snowmobile issues. We had ice auger issues. We had plastics breaking. I noticed for one of the few times that the local Inuit Rangers we were working with were cold. These are the guys who take their gloves … Read More