The Whale Watchers

RBRconcerto CTD

Close to the small New Zealand town of Kaikoura, the Kaikoura Canyon creates a unique opportunity for researchers to study sperm whale populations due to its proximity to the New Zealand coast. Just over a kilometre away from a mountain range with peaks over 2200 metres, the Kaikoura Canyon plunges to 1000m depth, and it connects with the Hikurangi Trough which … Read More

It Walks the Line: a Wirewalker™ record deployment

In September of 2016, a surface wave-powered Wirewalker™ descended to the bottom of its 100-m wire, reversed direction, and smoothly ascended to the surface. Onboard, a payload of instruments took detailed measurements of physical and biological properties in Southern California’s La Jolla submarine canyon. It was the first cycle the Wirewalker would complete at the La Jolla canyon mooring – … Read More

Lake Tahoe 近岸观测网与水质保护

2013年,太浩湖环境研究中心 (TERC)正式启动了太浩湖近岸水质监测项目,沿湖近岸建立11个观测站点,利用RBRmaestro³ CTD多参数水质仪实时遥测,在湖泊外围收集水质数据,从而更好地捕捉湖泊变化过程,阐明近岸过程对湖水清澈度的影响。

Fin-ished? Citizen scientists cast CTDs as part of an investigation of salmon mortality in British Columbia’s Salish Sea

In 2014, the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project (SSMSP) began, launching over thirty scientific studies into the lifecycle of Coho and Chinook Salmon of the Salish Sea. These West Coast fisheries collapsed over twenty years ago, and have not since recovered. At the close of this five-year program, researchers hope to understand why salmon mortality is so high. Their aim … Read More


卡尔顿大学教授Dr. Derek Mueller多年来利用现场实测及遥感数据,从事冰架及其所支持的生态系统的季节性、年尺度变化。2002年,Dr. Derek在一个深度30米左右的epishelf湖中使用RBR温盐仪XR-420进行剖面观测,发现epishelf湖也在随着冰架瓦解而削减。

Go Big or Go Home: Instrumenting the Nearshore

Leaning over the side of the 22-foot boat and pulling up the first line of temperature sensors, oceanographer Jamie MacMahan described the state of the line as the worst bio-fouling he had ever seen. It was slimy and smelly. One down, 34 more to go. This was only a pilot project, but MacMahan’s mantra of ‘Go big or go home’ … Read More