Go Big or Go Home: 近岸锚系观测案例

加州美国海军研究生院海洋学家Dr. Jamie MacMahan一直以来从事近岸水体动力学研究,他的团队在加州海岸布放了284个RBRsolo T微型温度记录仪,用于近岸水动力过程研究。

RBR Ltd: Best Ottawa Business Award


In November of 2016, RBR became recognized as one of Ottawa’s top businesses, winning a Best of Ottawa Business (BOB) award. We attribute this award to our exceptional team of hardworking individuals who help RBR further explore innovation each and every day. We would like to thank those who nominated RBR for this award and thank the Ottawa Chamber of … Read More


MetOcean Solutions团队在Wellington港口布放三台RBRsolo D波潮仪,成功观测到2017年11月14日发生在新西兰Kaikoura的海啸事件。波浪仪被分散布放于距港口入口3公里的海岸线沿线,因此清楚地捕捉到海啸传入港口的过程。

Best Ottawa Business 2016!

We are delighted to be honoured by winning one of the Best Ottawa Business awards! The announcement came as a complete surprise to us, but being recognised for both our growth and community contribution is a real honour. Mike, our CFO, and Ben, our Director of Ops, were on hand to receive the award at the gala dinner – and … Read More


Heather Lynn号渔船船长Kevin Jones与商业渔业研究基金会(CFRF)和伍兹霍尔海洋学研究所(WHOI)开展合作,收集当地海洋观测数据,从而研究当地海洋环境变化成因。每周,当地渔民都会使用RBRconcerto C.T.D进行海水电导率、温度和深度等基本参数的观测。